Thieves cut their way into BSB team Moto Rapido's shop, steal Panigale

Moto Rapido - aka Oxford Racing - are down one Ducati Panigale after thieves break in... and the police aren't terribly interested in it!

Moto Rapido Ducati

Even teams at the height of their success aren’t immune to the scourge of criminals that operate around them as top British Superbike Championship team Moto Rapido discovered when thieves managed to break in and steal a Ducati Panigale V4.

The outfit, which competes under the Oxford Racing banner with Tommy Bridewell, is also a Ducati dealership in Hampshire, making it a prime target for thieves who managed to get into the shop by creating a hole in the wall out of sight of CCTV from which to drag a Panigale through.

An audacious rob job, not least because it looks like quite a squeeze to drag a sportsbike through what appears to be a compact gap, owner Steve ‘Wilf’ Moore demonstrates his frustration at the apparent lack of interest in the crime by police who simply gave him a crime number…

“Nice little surprise this morning. Shop broken into, they cut through the wall! Under stairs out of sight of cctv V4 stolen. Police not interested. Crime number and go away. (Crime pays kids) You have to admire the effort !! Nobody tries this hard to steal a Yamaha or BMW.”

Not that you’ll be acting solely on the promise of a reward anyway, Steve provided some details about the bike in case you come across it and says they will be a ‘chunky reward’.

If anybody has any information about the crime or have seen a potentially scuffed up Ducati doing the rounds in Hampshire, we’re sure Moto Rapido would love to hear from you…