Sur-Ron looks to liven up city commutes with off-road-style electric bikes

Sur-Ron, the manufacturer of electric bikes out of China, is trying to liven up city commutes with convenient and enjoyable motorcycles.

Sur-Ron Light Bee

The common consensus regarding electric bikes is that they are currently best-suited to low-power commuter models, replacing petrol bikes for short-distance journeys.

The common feeling about short-distance commutes is that they must either be boring, frustrating, or both. In part, this is because of traffic, in part it is because of the destination, and in part it is because of the vehicle. All of which can be quite uninspiring. 

Sur-Ron, though, thinks there is a different way, in which commuter bikes can also be inspiring and fun, and therefore appealing to young people. 
Sur-Ron’s range is fully-electric, begins with the 50cc-equivalent Light Bee, and works its way up through its latest introduction, the Ultra Bee, to the 125cc-equivalent Storm Bee. 

As motorcycles which are, at least in part, commuter-targeted, the bikes in the Sur-Ron range all offer convenience, such as toolless battery removal, four-hour charge times, and road tax exemption. 

However, the Sur-Ron motorcycles are all originally designed as off-road bikes, hence their dirt-bike-esque aesthetics, which immediately makes them seem more fun than a typical commuter bike. Even though each Sur-Ron model has an off-road and on-road version, with the latter featuring the necessities for road homologation such as lights and indicators, the on-road versions still offer that off-road ‘DNA’. Or, at least, that is what Sur-Ron is trying to achieve.

Sur-Ron UK owner Andrew Shepherd said: “Methods of commuting typically fall into three categories; those suited for the budget-conscious, for the eco-conscious or for the style-conscious. With our lineup of Sur-Ron e-bikes, riders can be all three.

“Gone are the days of having to choose between bicycles or mopeds to get around the city. Despite their style and performance characteristics, our electric motorcycles are not just built for the off-road – thanks to being so nimble and lightweight, they make a very credible option for riders who want to get from A to B easily, with a little bit of added fun.”

Check out the Sur-Ron UK website to find out more.

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