Super-Rare Honda CB750 Tops Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2024

The Honda CB750 Prototype features ‘sandcast’ components, different engine casings, brakes and it has a billet crankshaft

Rare Honda CB750 Prototype

One of the most prestigious motorcycle events of the year is the Quail Motorcycle Gathering, which this year took place last week. It is a gathering of the great and the good of the two-wheeled world and regularly includes some extremely important motorcycles from the past.

This year's event was no different, although the bie that scooped the top honours is something very unusual and extremely rare indeed. It is a 1968 Honda CB750, which, to the untrained eye, could just look like an exceptionally tidy example of what many believe to be the first true Japanese sports bike.

The bike in question though will, to a true CB750 aficionado, throw up some clues as to its past and how it came to be. It is a very rare prototype of the air-cooled inline four-cylinder machine, and there are several key, but tricky-to-spot, elements that set it apart from the rest.

Different casings are one clue, as are changes to the braking system, and different carburettors. Another element of change for the prototype is the use of a hand-made billet crankshaft, although you are only going to get a view of that if you split the casings - not advisable!

Speaking about the show, Gordon McCall, Director of Motorsports for The Peninsula Signature Events, said:

“The enthusiasm for riding and unbridled passion within the motorcycling community never ceases to inspire … The Quail Motorcycle Gathering is truly a special event that celebrates the evolution of the motorcycle and motorcycling, and we are incredibly honoured to work with our valued sponsors and vendors in creating the most anticipated motorcycle event of the year.”

25th Anniversary of the Suzuki Hayabusa​

Other winners at this year’s event included a 1930 Indian Big Chief scooping 1st Place in the Antique class, a 1955 Vincent Series D Black Shadow and Watsonian Sidecar, and a wild-looking Suzuki Hayabusa 25th Anniversary Edition as seen above.