Street-legal Batpod hits the road

Is this the world's wackiest street-legal motorcycle?

WE'LL ADMIT to wondering whether the Batpod replica concept featured on Visordown a couple of years back would ever make it into full production - but here's the proof the wacky machine actually works.

The Batpod replica was built by California-based specialists 'Chopper City', using a set of super-fat 360-section tyres mounted on steel wheels, a welded block-and-tube style frame, and an 850cc V-Twin engine, fly-by-wire throttle system and sports-auto transmission from Aprilia's Mana.

It's reported the builders want the thick end of $100,000 to make the custom-spec machine.

Pretty smart, eh?

Not sure we'd fancy lapping Cadwell on it, mind.