Start-up launches HUD helmet with integrated Alexa

Alexa in your helmet - incredible innovation or a step too far?

ALEXA is everywhere. She's in your phone, your home and now your helmet. 

That's right, a Taiwanese start-up has unveiled a new lid which features Google's voice-controlled personal assistant, as well as augmented reality tech. 

Jarvish launched its X helmet last year, and the X-AR is an updated version. It boasts the addition of a heads-up display, which will deliver information including traffic and weather conditions, smartphone notifications and media controls directly in the motorcyclist line of sight, without distracting them. 

A built in microphone and speakers will allow the rider to control this information using Alexa, for example ajusting media settings or asking for directions. With a battery life of four hours, the 

And thanks to a 2K full HD sensor on the back of the lid, the HUD will also act as a rear view camera.

It’ll have 16GB of built-in storage, for offline media, maps and video recording, which can be extended to 256GB with a micro SD card. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi also feature and the device, which has a battery life of four hours, is compatible with iOS and Android phones.

The Jarvish X-AR will be available from early 2019, with pricing expected to be more than $1,000 (£755).