Series imagines dystopian future where motorcycles are outlawed

What would you do if motorcycles were banned?

IN A DYSTOPIAN future where cars are self-driving and robots have taken over, what will become of motorcycles?

That's the question the producers behind 'The Last Motorcycle on Earth' spoof are asking... 

The series tells the story of vintage bike builder and collector, Conrad Mendel, who struggles against the technology thats threatening to destroy his way of life. 

Explaining the idea behind the independant series director Eric Ristau writes: "The story of The Last Motorcycle on Earth explores what happens if room is not left for motorcycles and vintage vehicles in new transportation systems across the world. What happens to people who have built their lives around motorcycling? What happens when technological and culture shifts are pushed by tech companies, government leaders and court decisions?  

"Our story– told through the lives of a few characters– look at these issues and many more. We want this series to start a conversation and act as a cautionary tale, reminding us that the things we value can't be taken for granted. Plus, we think its very entertaining.  Although we are, of course, partial."

The film is currently fundraising on IndieGoGo. To back it click here.