Pro tip: Don’t ride into wet concrete

Oh… too late

Concrete ZX-10R

A MICHIGAN Kawasaki ZX-10R rider has discovered that despite painting his bike in tribute to a Stealth fighter he can’t ride undetected straight through roadworks - particularly when those roadworks involve a large amount of freshly-poured concrete.

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Michigan’s Department of Transportation tweeted pictures of the aftermath, showing a deep canyon carved in the concrete road surface in a work zone on the I-69. The unfortunate Kawasaki is also pictured, caked in drying cement; it’s going to be a fun job getting all that off.


But it seems the bike’s owner is nowhere to be found. The tweet accompanying the pictures says: 

“Did you lose a motorcycle today, driving on I-69? Always drive safely, and watch out for construction zones. Sometimes you don't see workers or curing concrete. You can pick your bike up at impound, the Sheriff will be waiting.”