Police moped crime tackle tactics extend outside of London

Police in other parts of the country have begun using the tactics in the fight against moped crime

Maidenhead tackle tactic

LONDON'S Met Police has been the centre of a nationwide debate recently, due to its controversial 'tackle tactics'. 

And it appears that the Met isn't the only force employing such tactical contact.

Thames Valley Police's Roads Policing Division shared a pair of photos on Twitter showing a moped lying on the ground in Maidenhead, Berkshire, with a patrol car blocking off the road ahead. 

Following the hashtag Maidenhead, the tweet explains:"Stolen 125 Moped with two offenders riding it and up to no good. Unfortunately for them this crime spree came to a very abrupt stop. Two in custody."

Dozens of Twitter users have responded congratulating the officers involved. One, going by the name Chris Hak, wrote: "Dear TVP Roads Policing, You've certainly got my support, feel free to continue. Yours sincerely, Joe Public"

While the tactic may have drawn debate among politicians, the responses to the tweet prove that the vast majority of the public's support it.