Pink Floyd drummer plumps for Bandit 650

Nick Mason shuns supercar fleet for two-wheel London commute

HE MAY WELL be one of the world's most successful musicians, owning a multi-million pound fleet of supercars, but Pink Floyd drummer, Nick Mason, has opted for two wheels by taking delivery of a Suzuki Bandit 650S.

Mason, an original member of the iconic 60's rock group, chose the Bandit for his daily commute into London and now shares the bike with his wife, Annette, who uses it for commuting and weekend rides, too.

Talking about the Bandit, Nick commented, "I've had many bikes over the years including some big adventure models, but for beating London congestion the Bandit's proved to be perfect. It's agile enough to cut through traffic and has more than enough power when you leave town. With its fairing offering added weather protection, it's been great when the weather hasn't too".