No licence rider sent down for two years after kil

Driver killed after biker wheelies into side of car

No licence rider sent down for two years after kil

A BIKER who killed a car driver after crashing into him while doing a wheelie on his uninsured and unregistered vehicle has gone to prison and been disqualified from driving.

Christopher Cox, 25, of Green Lane in Hounslow, was last Friday sentenced to two years in prison and disqualified from driving for five years at Isleworth Crown Court for causing death by dangerous driving of Mr Babu Pajwani of Feltham.

Cox pleaded guilty on January 16 to causing death by dangerous driving, driving with no insurance and driving not in accordance with a driving licence (as he had not passed a motorcycle test).

Exactly a year earlier at 8.10am on January 16, 2006, Mr Pajwani, 56, of Hampton Road East, dropped his daughters off at school and drove his Nissan Almera along Canterbury Road to the service road to turn right across Hampton Road West.

At the same time, Cox was riding his Suzuki GSX-R750, which was un-roadworthy, un-insured and un-registered, southbound in Hampton Road West.

He sat revving his machine at traffic lights before pulling away at speed causing his front wheel to lift from the road.

Mr Pajwani pulled into Hampton Road West and the two vehicles collided in the outside lane.

The motorcycle struck the driver's door with such a force that it spun the car back towards the east side of the road. Cox suffered serious head injures and Mr Pajwani was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sergeant Mark Drummond, collision investigator from Hampton traffic unit, said: "Cox was riding a motorcycle that had numerous defects. The front tyre was bald, the rear brake was totally inoperative, the right foot-peg was missing and the rear lights were not connected.

"In addition, he was uninsured and had never passed a bike test.

"Despite that he rode this powerful motorcycle, a Suzuki GSX-R750, on a daily basis. Numerous witnesses, several of whom were children walking to school, have told us Cox regularly rode in a dangerous way along the same stretch of road and some feared the inevitability of an incident such as this.

"You might normally expect a car driver pulling out in front of a motorcycle to be the one facing prosecution but it was Cox's high speed in a 30mph speed limit, combined with the damning witness evidence about his manner of riding, that were the key factors in him facing prosecution.

"It is tragic that his irresponsible actions have caused the death of a family man, leaving a wife and two young girls to grow up without a father."

On sentencing the judge gave credit for the fact that Cox had submitted an early plea, that he had been both physically and psychologically affected and shown genuine remorse.

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