New ‘Super Speed Camera’ to begin on-road trials this summer

The Parifex Nano speed camera can not just measure a vehicle's speed, it can calculate distance, acceleration and much more

Parifex-Nano 3D Lidar traffic camera on the roadside

A new type of ultra-powerful speed camera has just been authorised to begin trials that will see it measure much more than just a vehicle's speed.

The Parifex Nano has been in development for some time now and utilises 3D lidar to scan up to 100-metres of road over 360 degrees. The sophisticated camera can measure the speed of a vehicle between 18mph and 155mph, although that is just the tip of the technology iceberg.

New 'super speed camera' can detect much more than just speeding...

The system can also be used to detect vehicles jumping red lights, crossing double white lines, drivers not wearing seat belts, tailgating, driving against the flow of traffic, and failing to halt at a stop sign. The Lidar system is back up by a conventional camera to capture images of the infraction, and we can only assume then that any fines or convictions are sent out. As the majority of the headline technology comes in the form of the 3D Lidar, the system is operable in any weather conditions, day or night, and can even tell the difference between groups of road users – pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists and so on.

As it stands, the Parifex Nano is only approved for use on French roads, although it has already been put to work. French website has claimed the system is already in use on the country’s roads, although it goes on to say the system is only being used to detect the type of vehicle. At the moment the system is being used alongside the army of fixed speed cameras on French roads, although, given its capabilities, it’ll likely not be long before it becomes the standard across the nation.

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