Motorcycle theft targeted by petition calling for more police action

As motorcycle theft becomes increasingly common, a petition has called for an increase in police action against motorcycle-related crime.

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A petition has been launched in the hopes of generating authoritative action regarding motorcycle theft. 

A petition started by user Xander James is looking to raise awareness of vehicle theft - particularly targeting motorcycles - in the hopes that doing so can trigger some action from the authorities. 

“We need change,” James writes on the petition’s page. “We can’t safely park our vehicles outside our own homes anymore! But with the Crown Prosecution Service handing out cautions & early release they keep doing it.”

The feeling is that lenient penalties for vehicle theft is not doing enough to dissuade people from doing it, and those who do receive prison time are released too early for it to have made a difference to their behaviour. 

Humberside Police is arguably the most determined force with regards to clamping down on motorcycle-related crime; including theft, as well as anti-social behaviour. 

This is through Operation Yellowfin, but the petition’s creator, user Xander James, says Yellowfin needs to be made permanent, and the team working on it needs to be made full-time again. “Last time they were a full-time team bike theft dropped dramatically in the area,” Xander James said. 

Indeed, when Yellowfin was first introduced, it was only in Hull. But, its success in the city led to its adoption throughout the Humberside force. 

An upscaling of Operation Yellowfin with positive results might also prove beneficial for other areas in the future where motorcycle theft is a particularly important issue. 

The petition is currently on 3,805 signatures at the time of writing, on the afternoon of Monday 26 September 2022.

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