More Intelligent Transport Systems are coming… time to have your say!

Bikers could be affected by advances in Intelligent Transport Systems in future so now is the time to have your say...

More Intelligent Transport Systems are coming… time to have your say!

YOU needn’t to look far to see just how advances in technology are making the increasingly mundane more ‘intelligent’ or ‘smart’.

Whether you’ve just remembered something for your shopping list, trying to save a few extra pennies on your heating or you are going all-Tesla and foregoing traditional fuels altogether, supposedly future-proof technology is being applied wherever you look to make our lives easier, cheaper and/or cleaner.

It’s the same for the humble road, where ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) solutions are being developed globally to ensure we – bikers, drivers, commercial transportation – know how ‘different modes of transport and traffic management  enable users to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and 'smarter' use of transport networks.’

In the UK, the use of 'smart' variable speed limit motorways to regulate traffic flow are becoming increasingly commonplace, but haven't always proven popular with motorists or bikers.

As such, FEMA (Federation of Motorcycle Associations) has turned to bikers to get their opinion on where the advances of ITS leaves them and how motorcyclists all across Europe feel about ITS, in particular new technologies that could potentially help improve road safety for rider

This is a good chance for bikers to have their voices heard so to view and participate in the survey, head right here