Military-tech shield to protect your bike

Doppler radar device could stop drivers knocking over your parked bike

A MILITARY technology radar device could stop drivers reversing into your parked bike by creating an invisible shield.

The D-Shield employs the same Doppler technology that's used on surface-to-air missiles to create a bubble surrounding the bike, if an encroaching vehicle penetrates the bubble then an alarm sounds and alerts the oblivious driver.

Its American inventors claim the system is completely wireless and that the unit can be stuck to a bike's fairing with double-sided tape or frame with magnets.

It's a real problem for urban riders and anybody who's ever had a bike knocked off a side-stand will know how expensive the repair bill can be, particularly if a fairing is cracked in the fall. Even relatively minor drops can result in broken clutch or brake levers, leaving you infuriatingly stranded.

Often the bike's owner is not present at the bump and dishonest drivers, afraid of their premiums rising, leave the scene.

Currently the inventors are looking for investors on Kickstarter to help them bring the D-Shield to the market. Backing them for USD $79 will get you a D-Shield, with a promise to ship anywhere in the world.