KTM new model launch - SMR 690

Competition inspired racebike for the road

THE NEW 690 SM R is designed for riders wanting the purest form of road-going competiton-based supermoto. Features - such as the intricate, radially-mounted Brembo four-piston calipers with four single linings, adjustable suspension elements, the radial hand brake cylinder and super-sporty Dunlop tyres - emphasise the high KTM standards and make the 690 SM R a full-fledged sport motorcycle.

The SMR weighs in at a mere 153 kg and an output of 63 HP (46 kW), which makes it one of the most high performance supermotos ever to hit the UK's roads.


A tubular space frame construction of premium chrome molybdenum, with the engine functioning as a load-bearing element. The subframe is made of high-strength aluminium profiles.


Specially optimised for Supermoto, the 48-mm upside-down forks from WP with a central wheel axle clamp and a suspension travel of 210 mm can be tuned with compression and rebound damping. The extra-large tube dimensions help stability. The fork guards widen toward the top to also function as splash guards.


In combination with the PRO-LEVER linkage system, a specially developed WP shock with an additional compensation tank and a suspension travel of 210 mm ensures an ideal compromise between sporty toughness and comfort and ensures perfect contact with the road in every situation. This high-quality shock has adjustable compression as well as rebound damping.


The laterally open swingarm facilitates weight reduction and additional ribbing provides optimum rigidity and unsurpassed rear wheel tracking. The linkage of the shock is achieved using a new, progressively functioning PRO-LEVER linkage system.


The front wheel is braked by the four linings of the solid radial brake caliper biting into a 320-mm floating disc, activated by a radial brake master cylinder. At the rear, a single-piston caliper does its thing on a 240-mm brake disc.


Extra-sticky Sportmax GPR a-10 sport tyres from Dunlop are fitted to extra-lightweight, black lacquered, light alloy wheels from Brembo.


An amply dimensioned exhaust manifold forks beneath the engine into the two stainless steel silencers. The sport-derived exhaust system layout, with its comparatively long manifolds and silencers, makes a substantial contribution to the performance of this single-cylinder. But lots of power also means lots of noise emissions. One regulated catalytic converter per silencer guarantees the effortless compliance with the applicable EURO III pollutant emissions limits.


The use of high-quality components, intelligent, lightweight construction and precise analyses not only made it possible to reduce the engine weight to an outstanding 38 kg, but compacted the total weight of the bike down to the extremely low, "Ready to Race" weight of 153 kg.


The single-cylinder LC4 engine with 654 cc exemplifies the concentrated know-how that has been amassed by KTM's R&D department over the last 20 years. The result: an extremely compact and weight-optimised drivetrain at the highest technological level, featuring unsurpassed performance, the best elasticity and smoothness, plus exceptional durability with minimal maintenance.


The newest generation of the APTC anti-hopping clutch makes handling the titanic torque child's play. This design increases the pressure on the clutch linings under load, whereby the clutch springs were given a considerably softer design, thus reducing the leverage of the hydraulic clutch operation by about 1/3, compared to conventional solutions.