Keanu Reeves-inspired Cyberpunk 2077 ARCH Method 143 needs to become reality

The Keanu Reeves-inspired Cyberpunk 2077 version of the ARCH Method 143 has us wishing it was 50 years into the future already...

ARCH Method 143 Cyberpunk 2077

Gaming is BIG business today and not just for shifting the games themselves as a number of brands - not to mention an increasing number of celebrity brands - clamour to get a slice of publicity by starring in the latest wave of must-have simulations.

If you know your games then you might well be pumped for the next big budget event with the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, which - judging by the trailer - does a pretty convincing job of imagining a world 57 years in the future and blurs the reality between CGI and realism.

You’ll also know it has one Keanu Reeves involved in the project - more John Wick than ‘Ted’ in this iteration - which means he has taken the opportunity to give his ARCH motorcycle brand some exposure with a special Cyberpunk variant of its Method 143. 

And while it’s lurid day-glo yellow scheme means it won’t have trouble standing out on screen, we’re actually rather taken with what - in our eyes - could be a very exciting real-life take.

Swapping out the neo (geddit?) retro lines for something more future-neo, frankly we can’t stop looking at it! Stick some yellow-walled Pirellis on there and it really could be an up to date iteration of the Ducati X-Diavel Concept.

We’ll have to purchase the game to get an idea of how it ‘handles’ but we’re assured by game creators Projekt Red that it’s been accurately incorporated into the game to the extent it sounds the business.

What do you think, should this form the basis of an ARCH Method 143 limited edition?