Iconic Hollywood Harleys go on show

Machines owned by Steve McQueen, Clark Gable, Jesse James and many more star in new Harley museum

A NEW ATTRACTION opens this coming Friday, 12th at the Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee - “Harleys & Hollywood” goes live, featuring famous bikes from many of Hollywood's legendary motorcycle movies.

Iconic motorcycles owned by Steve McQueen, Clark Gable, Jesse James, as well as machines from a variety of music stars,including rap-star Ludacris (who? - Ed?)

Other motorcycles used the movies 'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra', 'Star Trek' and the comedy 'Wild Hogs' will be on show at the event.

In December last year, Visordown reported the news 'Wild Hogs 2' the sequel to the to the original comedy, starring John Travolta, was to be shelved due to lack of funds/interest.

The show runs until March 14th 2010.