Honda recalls 7,000 CBR and CB500s in the US

Recalls in Australia, Japan and now US over potential oil leaks

HONDA has issued a recall of its CB500 and CBR500R range in the US over a potential oil leak.

Bolts retaining the rocker arm shaft may not have received the correct anti-corrosion treatment during assembly and could work loose as a result, according to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In some cases the bolts may fall out of the cylinder head, dislodging the rocker arm shaft and leading to loss of power or stalling.

In total, 6,954 bikes are subject to the recall, which affects the CBR500R sports bike, CB500F naked and CB500X adventure-style model. All are powered by the same 471cc parallel-twin engine.

The rocker arm shaft bolts of 2013 model-year machines may have received a non-approved anti-corrosion coating during construction.

It follows recalls over a similar issue in Australia and Japan.

Honda America became aware of the problem after receiving three warranty claims over oil leaks in July 2013. Two weeks later Honda’s factory in Thailand identified a motorcycle destined for another market that had also received the incorrect coating on a retaining bolt.

Following a fourth warrantee claim in August, Honda reviewed the assembly line to ensure correct procedures were followed.

US dealers will contact owners and replace affected bolts free of charge.

A recall notice on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website says: ‘Honda is recalling certain model year 2013 CB500 (FA, F, XA, X) and CBR500 (RA, R) motorcycles. The rocker arm shaft retaining bolts may have been manufactured incorrectly resulting in the bolts loosening during engine operation. A loose bolt will initially result in a slow leak of engine oil, but if not addressed, the bolt can come out of the cylinder head entirely...

'Without a bolt, the engine will have reduced power which may result in a stall, increasing the risk of a crash.'