Free A2 restrictor kit with Yamaha MT-07

Now thousands of A2 licence holders can 'rise up their darkness'

YAMAHA is offering a free 48hp restrictor kit with new MT-07s.

It means the new 689cc parallel twin, which Yamaha markets with the odd slogan 'Rise up your darkness,' is now eligible for holders of A2 motorcycle licences.

Under EU rules introduced last year, riders aged 19 or 20 can only qualify for an A2 licence, carrying a 48hp (35kw) limit, along with a power-to-weight ratio cap of 0.27hp per kg. After two years, they can then take another test for an unrestricted licence.

With a wet weight of 179kg, the MT-07 falls just within the limits once restricted to 48hp.

The restrictor kit can be provided and fitted free of charge by Yamaha dealers at the time of purchase. A certificate will be provided confirming the machine is A2-compliant.

The kit can also be ordered as a spare part for second-hand machines, at £124.99.

Once riders have gained an unrestricted licence, they can have the kit removed and unleash the MT-07's full 75hp.

The MT-07 costs £5,199 or £5,499 with ABS.