Female learner falls 30ft from roof-top motorcycle school

Sorry, did you say 'roof-top motorcycle school'?

A FEMALE MOTORCYCLIST in Singapore ended up plunging almost 30ft to the floor after she lost control of her motorcycle while taking a lesson at a roof-top bike school.

A report in today's Strait Times claims the 20-year-old student, Ms Nur Amalina, lost control of her bike while on her fourth lesson at the Singapore Safety Driving Centre at about 3.30pm local time on Monday this week.

It's reported her bike hit the low wall at speed, with the subsequent impact hurling the female rider over the wall and onto some catch fencing, which gave way under the force of the crash.

The spokesman added for the school said Ms Amalina had been unable to slow down while negotiating a corner on the fifth-floor learner circuit.

The report, however, doesn't give details of the rider's post-crash condition.