Evel Knievel Harley-Davidson Stratocycle is a bike, bird, plane and worth a mint

This patriotic Eagle-nose Harley-Davidson Ironhead 1000 Sportster ridden by Evel Knievel in the Viva Knievel film could sell for six figures...

Evel Knievel Harley-Davidson

The Harley-Davidson Stratocycle that (literally) launched Evel Knievel’s movie career has been put up for auction for anyone with an particular interest in the legendary stunt performer, Harley-Davidsons or luridly patriotic paint schemes.

Few people captured the essence of television’s coming of age in the 1960’s better than Evil Knievel, a true character hyped for stage and screen performing stunts to audiences that for now stretched the world over.

Famed for his death-defying stunts (and accidents) Evel Knievel achieved numerous records over his career, not to mention more than 400 bone fractures.

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After the inevitable merchandising and children’s toys came the offer of performing in his own film - Viva Knievel - where this discreet number plays a role in which he performs an escape and saves the day. Naturally.

With a fairing that finally answers the question of what would happen if you crossed an Eagle with a jet fighter, the Stratocycle is more Team America than anything in the film Team America.

Of course the very icon of the US nationalism - Harley-Davidson - lurks underneath the Stars and Stripes in the form of a 1000 Ironhead Sportster, purchased for $500 back in 1978 and converted for use in the film.

This isn’t the first time the one-of-a-kind motorcycle has popped up for sale with a sale in 2018 rumoured to have landed somewhere between $200-$300k, according to Motorrad. Today it is being reserved for $100,000, which makes us wonder what happened the last three years.

Either way, this is quite a unique museum piece even if it didn’t quite go through as many punishing stunts as Evel’s other more disposable steeds...