Ducati host celebrity bash for new Streetfighter

John Hogan went along to Ducati's party to guzzle champagne, stare at scantily-clad ladies and er, oh yes, look at a new bike

DUCATI UK hosted a VIP launch of the new Streetfighter at swanky Soho nightclub 'Maya' last night.

Not content with showing the new naked to dirty bike journo’s at the Ascari circuit in Spain last month, where Visordown tester Rob Hoyles lobbed it up the road with gay abandon, Ducati felt the need to show the Streetfighter to the celebrity element of the bike world.

In attendance were: Razorlight, Charlie Boorman, some football types and lots of lovely ladies. In between street dancing displays from a troupe of Ducati clothing clad youths, we asked Charlie Boorman what he thought of the bike. The goatee-bearded media lovey said:

“I think it looks great, it has that look that not every bike has, the one that makes you want to jump on and ride fast. I think it would make the perfect town bike, way more suitable than my Vespa”.

Ducati fan and actor Julian Rhind Tutt (who? - Ed) dropped in for a look at the bike as well. “I think it looks a lot like a Triumph Speed Triple, I like it, but I’m not sure about the pointy bit (pointing to the headlight)” said Julian.

We tried asking other guests what they thought of the bike, most were too busy necking free champagne, or completely unaware that they had been invited to look at a motorcycle.

See more of the £11,495 Streetfighter at www.streetfighter.ducati.com