A case of the collie wobbles

‘Dog box’ photo sparks Facebook 'cruelty' row – but rider has been ‘doing it for years’

A MOTORCYCLIST has been accused of 'cruelty’ over this picture released by Gloucestershire Police.

The photo sparked a Facebook row after it was posted on the page of BBC Radio Gloucestershire.

Angela Barnes commented: ‘Hope RSPCA do something about it. So cruel.’

And Alison Hall-Cambridge wrote: ‘About time he got done, very cruel.’

But other Facebook users defended the rider. Peter Nisbet wrote: ‘Nothing different from a couple of sheep dogs riding on the back of a farmer's quad bike. Dog looks health, happy and protected riding in his dog box.

'So cut out the hyperbole you bunch of whingers.'

Another user posted a picture apparently showing the same bike and dog in 2011, with the comment: ‘OK... so, the same motorbike, back in 2011, taken on Bath Road, Cheltenham. He's been doing it for years....’

Gloucestershire Police told the BBC: ‘We are making further inquiries in relation to the registered driver of the vehicle and whether he has broken the law in any way.’

What do you think? Is it cruel? 

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