Baddies get less than Zero after Brands Hatch bike theft

Two new Zero electric bikes retrieved thanks to Datatool TrakKing tracker system


Zero Datatool

Kent thieves picked on the wrong bikes when they snatched a pair of Zero demo machines from a van near Brands Hatch last week. The brace of electric roadsters was taken from Zero UK sales manager Dale Robinson's van overnight, along with a laptop and other items. Unluckily for the criminals though, one of the bikes was actually the demo unit for Zero's new Datatool tracker/immobiliser unit, and was instantly tracked by the firm.

"Checking the system at 8:00am confirmed the bike was lifted at 3:37am," said Robinson. "So a collaboration between the surveillance team at Datatool and the stolen vehicle squad at the Met Police then ensued which meant that the bikes (and my laptop) were located behind a timber stockyard under a tarpaulin, within a metre of where Datatool said it was. I got the call to meet the Met at the site to come down and get the bikes. Wow, result."

"So, within 24 hours we present a product, lose the bikes from my van, then locate the bikes, then pick them up and then they are back in the van again. Message is loud and clear, if you want to keep your bike fit a monitored tracker, you will stand a decent chance of getting it back."

We couldn't agree with Dale more. We've used the Datatool (and Biketrac) units in the past, and they definitely give peace of mind.

More info on the Datatool TrakKing tracker:

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