512mph female land speed record attempt

Switching from two wheels to four and they want to pinch UK's record back

TWO-TIME female motorcycle land speed record holder Valerie Thompson is switching to four wheels in an attempt to break the 40-year-old record for the world's fastest woman.

The current record was set in 1972 by Kitty O'Neal and stands at 512mph. In an attempt to break this run, Thompson will drive the North American Eagle - a 50,000 horsepower jet car converted from an F-104 Lockheed Star fighter jet, designed to hit speeds over 800mph.

Top female drag racer Thompson - whose personal best on two wheels is 201.01mph -  is replacing the current motorcycle land speed record holder Leslie Porterfield after she dropped out due to health issues. Test runs will begin this summer ahead of the Bonneville Speed Week.

The NAE team are also aiming to beat the current land speed record of 763mph held by the UK ThrustSSC effort. The team says: "It's time to bring the record back to North America".