10 More Unusual Motorcycle buys for those who don't follow the crowd

Best-selling doesn't always mean best in class... there is a wealth of choice for those in the market for a motorcycle that doesn't follow the crowd 

Honda X-ADV 2021 Off-road scooter

It’s easy to forget there is a wealth of excellent choice when it comes to searching for that next motorcycle… and even easier to forget that just because everyone else seems to own one particular model doesn’t mean you have to.

Indeed, depending on how ‘into’ motorcycling you are, this is your reminder that just because models like the BMW 1250 GS Adventure or Honda CB650R or Yamaha MT-07 are some of Europe’s best selling models doesn’t make them best in class or best for you in particular.

It might take a bit of research but if you’re seeking a particularly discerning choice when it comes to your next motorcycle, we’ve highlighted ten models that you might have dismissed but have something very special going for them, whether it’s style, value or all-round ability.

The 10 motorcycles we have here haven’t been selected because they are good, bad or anything in between especially, but because they differ from the norm in some way by being quirky, oddball, something to make you go ‘hmmmm’.

We won’t give away the full list here but as a teaser we have included options that straddle the classes, such as the difficult to box Honda X-ADV off-road scooter, the best-selling motorcycle in Italy that barely registers in the UK and the manufacturer that has taken a generic running gear and completely transformed it with a design that will turn heads wherever it goes.

Do you agree with our selection? Or do you perhaps have your own suggestion...