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Top 10 forgotten second-hand motorcycle bargains

Quick, before people remember

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Submitted by Visordown on Wed, 17/01/2018 - 11:12

Top 10 forgotten second-hand motorcycle bargains

WHEN the time comes to buy a used bike it’s natural that the first things to spring to mind are those best-in-class machines that were just too expensive when they were new but might have fallen into your budget with a few years under their belts.

But with a little lateral thinking, and a slightly larger dose of bravery, there are bargains out there if you’re prepared to go a little left-field in your choices. Instead of focussing on the best-in-class machines, look at the ones that came second, third, even fourth in period magazine group tests, and see if the flaws that pushed them down the order are ones you could forgive.

Remember that, when new, price plays a big part in deciding the order of group tests. If one machine suddenly becomes half as expensive as its old sparring partner thanks to a lack of secondhand demand, it may well become the better buy even if it was passed over for honours when it was new.

Here’s our top 10 forgotten bikes that are potential secondhand bargains.

10: Aprilia Falco

Several of Aprilia’s old V-twin-powered machines are worth considering. The original RSV Mille looks a bargain compared to its Ducati 996/998/999 rivals, for instance. And the largely forgotten Falco adds a dash more practicality and is even cheaper on the used market. Around £2000 is easily enough to buy one, and that’s based on classified asking prices. Dig around the online auction or brave an insultingly low offer and you might well get one for quite a bit less than that.




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