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Ten of the weirdest motorcycle concepts

Ten concept motorcycles that made us go 'What?' 

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Submitted by Visordown on Tue, 28/02/2017 - 13:38

SOME concepts are undisguised previews of production bikes. Remember how BMW first revealed the R nineT Scrambler as the Concept Path 22?

Others are properly out there but become production bikes because we demand it. Remember how the B-King first appeared as a super-charged concept?

Some leave us wanting more. We're still waiting for Suzuki to make the Recursion

And some leave us scratching our head and wanting to try some of what the designers are smoking. Like these.


1. nUCLEAS concept

No, we haven't got cap-lock on. 'nUCLEAS' is how they write it. Perhaps to reflect how unconventoinal it is. We're surprised the name doesn't start with a full stop.  

It's an electric motorcycle concept that ‘invites us to come closer, to rethink, to look and to touch,’ according to Nonobject, the Calfornia-based design studio behind it.

‘The design sent shockwaves through the motorcycle industry,’ the firm says, adding: ‘Industry heavyweights said such a bike just couldn’t be done.’

Nine years later it’s still at the ‘pre-prototype stage’. Could it be that the industry heavyweights had a point?

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