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Mad Max breaks speed record on Big CC-tuned bike

Zef Eisenberg hits 201.572mph on Pendine Sands riding supercharged Hayabusa

Submitted by Alan Dowds - editor on Mon, 14/05/2018 - 12:51

Zef Eisenberg on ZZR1400

There are all sorts of speed records out there - and one we'd least like to try is the 'top speed on sand'... But Guernsey-based top speed racer Zef Eisenberg has smashed that record at Pendine Sands at the weekend, hitting 201.572mph at the Straightliners Top Speed event.

Zef was riding his Green Meanie, a Kawasaki-green-painted Suzuki Hayabusa, putting out over 350bhp from its supercharged engine (he also has a production ZZR1400 racebike, shown above). And the new speed is the fastest anyone has ever gone at Pendine in a wheel-driven vehicle - car or bike (a rocket car has gone quicker in the past). And Eisenberg reckons it might well be the fastest anyone's ever gone on sand anywhere in the world.

Zef Eisenberg on Hayabusa"

"After a frustrating Saturday, where I was fighting for traction and grip, wet sand, I thought the magic 200mph was not possible and just a fantasy," Eisenberg posted on Facebook. "The sand and weather on Sunday was looking good. Fellow sand speed rider Terry Smith put in a great first run and increased the pressure. I was next and felt there was no choice, but to just nail it and just ignore any speed wobbles, rear wheel slip and hold on tight. The run felt fast, but I never thought it was beyond 200mph.

"When I rode back to the finish line, they were waving frantically at me. I thought, oh no, did I miss the finish line, did I muck up. What did I do wrong? When they shook my hand and told me I'd set history at 201.572mph, I was shocked and amazed. Back at the start line, it all sunk it. After this the sand started to get more dry and fluffy and the speeds got slower for all. All in, an amazing day at Pendine. Goal achieved!"

Sean Mills with Zef Eisenberg and Hayabusa"

Congrats from Zef to Sean Mills at Big CC Racing too, who'd sorted Eisenberg's mega-bhp machine for the event. "Sean resolved all the issues with my supercharged Hayabusa," he said. "Thanks Sean - you're a star! The bike ran great all weekend!"

Fancy having a go at the top speed events? Check out Straightliners here. Then go to Big CC Racing here and get your 500+bhp bike ordered!


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