Top 10 forced induction production bikes

Kawasaki's Ninja H2 has brought boost to the forefront, but behind it lies a string of memorable force-fed oddballs

IF you drive a car these days there’s a pretty strong chance you’ve already got plenty of experience with forced induction. But you may not have ridden a motorcycle with a turbo or supercharger boosting its power.

Unless you’re one of the few to get your hands on a Kawasaki Ninja H2 this year, it’s a situation that’s unlikely to change in the immediate future. But there are rumblings – not least in the form of the hopefully-coming-to-production Suzuki Recursion – that more affordable bikes could soon get forced induction as well.

So what better time to look back at the smattering of short-lived turbocharged and supercharged machines that have made it to production in the past. This ‘top 10’ verges on being an ‘only 10’ given a paucity of candidates, so we’ll be fascinated to hear if there are any others that you think we’ve forgotten to include.

Leaving aside one-off custom machines and race-only bikes, here’s the rundown of 10 road legal, showroom-ready forced induction models to have reached some form of production.

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