Top 10 fictional motorbikes

A long time ago a young adventurer was tasked with assembling a list of the 10 best fictional motorbikes. Here is what he discovered

10. Moto-terminator

After the robo-pocalypse Skynet created a wide variety of Terminators to help in the elimination of mankind. Seen in Terminator: Salvation, one of these was the Moto-terminator, a sort of two-wheeled robot with machine guns. These two wheeled terminators were no match for John Connor, played by the angry Christian Bale.

09. Hagrid's flying Triumph

In Harry Potter books and films this flying Triumph was ridden by Hagrid, a giant with a personality to match. Although it is bordering on non-fiction as the flying bike was based upon the Triumph T 120 Bonneville, it is a rarity to see one of these Bonnies commuting across the sky.

08. Star Trek Police hoverbike

A 23rd Century 'what-if' from the latest Star Trek film. This futuristic hoverbike was used by the police to chase down a young and rebellious James T. Kirk, and ridden by the bad ass looking motorbike cops with what appears their cyborg-esque helmet of the future.

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07. Judge Dredd's Lawmaster

Judge, jury and executioner, Judge Dredd is the law. Intimidation rules in this dystopian future, and it's important that Dredd's ride reflects this. The Lawmaster features an artificial intelligence and a suitable arsenal with twin machine guns, a laser and stun gas grenades.

06. M.A.S.K Condor

M.A.S.K or Mobile Armored Strike Kommand was pretty much one of those '80s cartoons series with a drive to sell action figures. Acronyms ruled in the series with the M.A.S.K team taking on V.E.N.O.M (Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem) in their vehicles which could transform in to other, vehicles. I was one of the youngsters who harped to his parents for these toys.

05. Wallace & Gromit Triumph sidecar

Another fictional bike with a real-life counterpart. Wallace and Gromit's sidecar had a major difference thanks to the inventing duo. In 'A Close Shave', the pair give chase with a minor mishap resulting in Gromit showing the sidecar's hidden purpose, it's plane mode and mounted porridge machine gun.

04. Tron light cycle

In Tron, Kevin Flynn was zapped into a computer world and forced to take part in gladiatorial games between humanoid computer programs. Included were the light cycle challenges where these futuristic vehicles race across a grid creating walls of light, the aim to eliminate your rival by making them crash in to the wall.

The light cycles get a revamp in the latest Tron film, due for release at the end of the year.

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03. Batpod

Following the destruction of the Tumbler in The Dark Knight it looked like the game was over for the Batman, but from the wreckage of the Tumbler emerged the Batpod. Using this advanced bike the Dark Knight set up a trip wire to take down an 18-wheeler driven by the Joker. There have been some debatable 'custom' versions but nothing beats the bike seen in the chase scene.

02. Akira

The hugely popular cult anime film focuses on government secrets, psionic powers and psychopaths, but more importantly it features two rival biker gangs. The red bike plays an important role in Akira as a symbol of status and power. It is ridden by Shotaro Kaneda a teenage delinquent and leader of The Capsules, and the unlikely hero of the film.

01. Star Wars Imperial speeder

The speeder bike was used by the Storm troopers in Star Wars Return of the Jedi. The most famous scene featured these bikes in a chase through the woods of Endor when Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker commandeered two speeder bikes.