Top 10 fictional motorbikes

A long time ago a young adventurer was tasked with assembling a list of the 10 best fictional motorbikes. Here is what he discovered

10. Moto-terminator

After the robo-pocalypse Skynet created a wide variety of Terminators to help in the elimination of mankind. Seen in Terminator: Salvation, one of these was the Moto-terminator, a sort of two-wheeled robot with machine guns. These two wheeled terminators were no match for John Connor, played by the angry Christian Bale.

09. Hagrid's flying Triumph

In Harry Potter books and films this flying Triumph was ridden by Hagrid, a giant with a personality to match. Although it is bordering on non-fiction as the flying bike was based upon the Triumph T 120 Bonneville, it is a rarity to see one of these Bonnies commuting across the sky.

08. Star Trek Police hoverbike

A 23rd Century 'what-if' from the latest Star Trek film. This futuristic hoverbike was used by the police to chase down a young and rebellious James T. Kirk, and ridden by the bad ass looking motorbike cops with what appears their cyborg-esque helmet of the future.

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