The 10 greatest ever helmet designs

Helmet designs don't come any better than this lot

MORE THAN leathers and the bike, helmet design is the thing gives a racer a unique identity on track.

Staying safe while riding dictates donning a fairly homogenised wardrobe and while different sponsors and colours mean leathers, boots and gloves are all different, none of them shout about the rider underneath like a helmet does.

A helmet and its design is the thing that really conveys a rider’s personality. In a race it acts as a beacon, an anchor point – you probably know racers by their helmets as much as you know what team they ride for and over time certain racers’ helmet designs, even the shape of the helmet, visor and vents, become as familiar as faces.

So, here are our 10 of the greatest helmet designs ever – the lids that just look so damn good.


Richard Gilbert's picture

Where the fuck is Barry Sheene's?

PrivateAxis's picture

So now paint on a helmet means "helmet design." I thought you Brits had a greater command of the English language than this. Guess not.

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