Every scooter available with ABS brakes

Our up-to-date directory of 125cc and over scooters with ABS in the UK

SCOOTER makers are in a quandary. Their products are battling in a market where price is all-important and yet they’re also set to appeal largely to riders who want to use them in all-weathers and perhaps have less experience than riders of bigger motorcycles.

Those riders are arguably ones that will benefit most from ABS, and yet the additional price of such kit can make up a significant proportion of a scooter’s overall cost. There’s no point offering extra safety if buyers will just go to the showroom next door and buy something cheaper.

But that’s not to say you can’t have a scooter and anti-lock brakes. Here’s our overview of the ones available in the UK right now that tick all the boxes.


C600 Sport £9495
OK, so if price is an issue you won’t be considering a near-£10k BMW scooter. It’s a nice thing, though, with a 647cc twin and 60bhp.

C650 GT £9795
EVEN more expensive than the sport, the GT would actually make a convincing tourer. Same engine as the Sport, despite the different numbers in the name. Numbers in the price tag would buy you some serious ‘real’ bikes, though…


SH125i ABS £3000
IS this the UK’s cheapest ABS-as-standard scooter? Looks like it. One of the few 125s with anti-lock as an option, its big wheels add a touch more safety and stability too.

S-Wing 125 £3949
COSTING £1k more than the SH125i, the S-Wing is more maxi-scooter despite the mini-engine.

SH300i £4749
OK, so you’ll need a proper licence for this one, and you’re not going to look terribly butch on it. Seems pricy, given that similar money will buy a CB500F.

Silver Wing £6649
ONE of the first maxi-scooters to really provide an alternative to a big bike, the Silver Wing’s 582cc parallel twin means it’s got serious pace – although at 37kW it’s fractionally too powerful for an A2 licence.

Integra £7699
UNDER the skin the Integra is really the same as the NC700, and although it has Honda’s dual-clutch semi-auto gearbox as standard it’s still more than £1000 more than an NC700S with the same transmission fitted. Rides like a ‘real’ bike, but priced like one too. Still much cheaper than a Burgman 650 or a Yamaha T-Max, though.


X10 350ie £5291
FUNKY-looking maxi-scoot that’s much cheaper than the equivalent Burgman 400Z, the 350cc X10 is a tempting proposition in this bit of the market.

Beverly Sport Touring 350ie £4491
SAME motor as the X10 but in a retro-ish, effete big-wheel style. More at home in Rome than Romford.


Burgman 400Z ABS £6399
ONE of the bikes that defined the big scooter genre in the late 90s, the Burgman 400 has since led to much bigger machines. Still a good choice, if pricy.

Burgman 650 ABS Executive £8175
THE Burgman’s bigger brother, the old version of the 650 is still available alongside the its newer replacement. Looks pricy, though.

New Burgman Executive 650 ABS £8799
AGAIN, the new Burgman 650 is a scooter that can really double as a ‘real’ bike over long distances. But nearly £9k? Ouch.