Pick a bike up

Bikes fall over; it happens. Here’s how to get yours back up, regardless of how heavy it is or weedy you are

Before attempting to pick the bike up, check that you’re not hurt. With the adrenaline flowing like WKDs on a hen do and your brain a mess of confusion, shock and anger, it’s easy to overlook a bone poking out of your Levis. It goes without saying that you also need to keep safe – if you’re on a busy road, leave the bike.

1. Check the bike over before you go any further. If there’s oil pouring out of the engine, then you don’t want to slip on it. Similarly, that soothing B&H might not be quite so cathartic if the fuel tank is ruptured. So, you’ve ascertained that you and the bike aren’t broken – let’s lift.

2. Make sure the bike is switched off. The bike should be in gear. If not, prod it into gear – this will stop it running away. Now turn the handlebars until the front wheel is pointing to the sky and the bars are against the lock stops. Stand square-on to the end of the handlebar, grasp it and...

3. ...using your knees not your back, lift. Once the tyres are on the ground, keep lifting. You may want to put your body into the bike to help. With the bike in gear you can really put some effort in, which should see the bike righted far easier than you ever imagined.


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Dropped mine at a filling station one time, it threw me across the forecourt and I rolled and landed on my feet in front of two people who panicked and screamed ! I was on a slight slope and didn't get my foot in the right position so over I went. They guy started panicking and grabbing at things that were sticking out, he pulled off an indicator, cracked the front mudguard and twisted the headlight before I managed to get him to stop !
I was calm and relaxed despite all this and remembered this technique which worked very well, the only damage was caused by the erratic assistance of the panicked guy !

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