How to... fit some engine case covers

Because they're cheaper than a wrecked engine...

By Alan Dowds

THE cosmetic damage caused when you drop your bike is a nightmare – scraped tanks, scratched frames and broken plastic. But even a seemingly-minor crash can wreck your engine – cracking an engine case can let oil or coolant leak out, and road grit or dirt can get inside, mangling delicate internal parts. Worst case, we've even heard of bent crankshafts, if the side of an inline engine smacks the ground and the end of the crank gets clobbered.

Normal crash bungs will help – but for extra security, some bolt-on engine case covers will work even better. They're compulsory for some racing classes too (oil leaks on circuits waste loads of time), so you might need to fit some if you're planning a race career.

They're a breeze to fit luckily. Here's how, with some covers from R&G Racing. GB Motorsports also make excellent kits.

1 Preparation

Give the instructions the once-over to see if you need to remove any panels or parts to get access. Most kits don't need you to remove the covers, so you shouldn't need any new gaskets or seals. Grab the correct spanner, socket or Allen driver to remove the case cover bolts.



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