Triumph Rocket 3 – your questions answered

We decided to get first in the queue to jump aboard the Triumph Rocket 3 when the UK press bikes landed at Hinckley

Triumph Rocket 3 – your questions answered

RIDING a motorcycle on a press launch is a pretty special experience; they choose the best roads, you’re riding with a group of mates and the weather is, almost, always amazing. Press launches are even more amazing when you are one of the first people to swing a leg over the Triumph Rocket 3.

Triumph Rocket 3 – Your questions answered

So, while press launches in far-flung Spain (most of the time), provide us with stunning pictures, video footage, and roads, it’s not quite the same as dodging dogshit, diesel, and Doris in the rain as you commute to work. Indeed, riding a bike in the UK is more about self-preservation than looking cool, almost diametrically opposite to how you ride on a launch!

To help make sure the Rocket 3 was as good on UK soil as it was at the press launch in Tenerife, we collected one just before the UK-wide restrictions around Coronavirus came into place. Aside from reaffirming our view on the biggest capacity production bike available, we also wanted to know if you, the Visordown readership had any burning questions about the bike.

With motorcycle dealerships across the country closing completely or downsizing operations and focusing on keeping key workers moving, the chances are there are riders out there who’d have hoped to already have had a go on the new Rocket. In this video, we’ve tried to answer some of the questions that you’d ask yourself when out for a test ride.

Triumph Rocket 3 (2020) video review

Triumph Rocket 3 (2020) Video Review |