Differences: BMW F800GS vs Adventure

The new F800GS Adventure in on the scene, so what are you getting for the extra £1,000 on the asking price of the standard model?

IS BMW's new F800GS Adventure just an F800GS with a larger fuel tank? Well no, not quite. The new model features a larger 24-litre tank (8-litres more than the F800GS), revised bodywork, a larger screen, 10mm taller seat (890mm), hand guards, wide enduro footpegs an engine protection bar and a pannier rack.

BMW claim the larger tank will extend the bike's range by 75 miles, giving it a 220-mile potential. The F800GS Adventure will have the option of ASC and ESA, BMW's Electronic Suspension Adjustment.

The table below shows the technical differences between the two models.

BMW F800 GS versus F800GS Adventure

BMW F 800 GSBMW F 800 GS Adventure
Tank volume16 litres24 litres
Standard seat height880 mm890 mm
low seat height850 mm860 mm
Lower optionyes, 820 mmno
DIN unladen weight214 kg229 kg
Max load230 kg225 kg
Dimensions L / W / H2,300 / 920 / 1,345 mm2,305 / 925 / 1,450 mm
Fuel consumption
90 / 120 km/h3.8 / 5.2 l4.3 / 5.7 l
55 / 75 mph74.3 / 54.3 mpg imp65.7 / 49.5 mpg imp
Price£8,595 OTR£9,650 OTR