Triumph Bajaj collaboration to bear fruit in 2022

Key members of Triumph personnel have confirmed some details of the incoming motorcycles from their collaboration with Bajaj

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TRIUMPH has teamed up with Indian-based motorcycle and parts maker Bajaj, and key staff members have confirmed the new bikes are at the prototype stage – possibly ready to hit the road in 2022.

The news comes from an interview with Mint, in which Paul Stroud, Triumph’s Chief Commercial Officer, he divulges some interesting information regarding the range of new machines the two companies seem set to produce.

First off he confirms the bikes will all be branded as Triumphs, regardless of the market they are to be sold in. “It [the new range] will be a Triumph-branded motorcycle all through and, therefore, it will be part of the Triumph range in India. They will be sold through Triumph dealerships in India.”

As Triumph already has a large dealership network through much of Asia and the rest of the world, it’d seem sensible for the global sales of the new small capacity motorcycles to also be sold through this network.

What could the new Triumph Bajaj motorcycles look like?

With the formal agreement between the two companies yet to sealed in ink, we can only speculate as to how the new models will look. One thing we do know is that the bikes will be of a smaller capacity than those currently offered by the Hinckley based company. Most likely filling the 250cc to 700cc segment and not cannibalising sales of the bikes that Triumph already has a home for.

They are also going to be looking to invite new blood into the brand, meaning an all-out range of small capacity retro-machines is unlikely. We bet there’ll be few in the new line-up, but we’d expect a few modern-styled roadsters too – think along the lines of a 300 or 400cc Street Triple. Sounds good, doesn’t it!?

How long until we can see the new Triumph Bajaj motorcycles in the flesh?

The chances are it won’t be next year or even 2021 – and if you’re booking your NEC motorcycle show tickets hoping to see them there you’ll be sorely disappointed! Steve Sargent, Chief Product Officer at Triumph, confirmed in the same article that Triumph is “very pleased with how the bikes are looking,” he went on to say that Bajaj MD, Rajiv Bajaj “liked and approved the prototypes."

The key phrase here is approved, hinting that the machines that Bajaj went to view were the final offerings that Triumph are going to come up with and that these are the bike that’s the Indian based maker will have to manufacture.

Most sources within in the industry – some of which may be close to the deal makers at Triumph and Bajaj – conclude that the new range will be ready for 2020. We’d expect to see some early pre-production versions being wheeled out to the 2020/2021 motorcycle shows if that is the case.


This is going to be great. I love how Bajaj is collaborating with so many international brands to develop amazing products. Now, there is news that they are working on a 250cc pulsar ( named Bajaj Pulsar NS 250. It is going to be revealed soon in the Indian market. The pulsar 250 was in the rumoured news for a long time and now again there is news that they are working on the Pulsar NS 250. Bajaj has already launched the Dominar 250 in India which makes the launch of the puslar NS 250 even more real. I hope it gets launched soon as i will be looking to buy one.

This is so cool, and it looks so stylish too! My husband would truly love this! When it comes out we would definitely try it out! Right now We are really busy working on our new lawn service business in Michigan Hopefully, we will save enough by then!

These are gorgeous bikes. I would love to see one in person! This collaboration combines strengths in design, technology. cost-competitive manufacturing and intimate knowledge of key target markets. What a great move!

its a great news that Triumph And Bajaj collaborates.
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I have money burning a hole in my pocket waiting on this bike I cannot wait.
Jarret at

Super exciting and definitely something I want to get for myself. I have a small business that a bike would be perfect for

I would absolutely look to get something like this in the near future. I need some motivation with my painting company being hurt so bad with COVID. I'm thinking of getting this to motivate me to get painting a ton this year

Very impressive bike here and one that I'll set a goal to reach when I get my pool service company growing bigger!

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