Norton update: Strike-off action discontinued by Companies House

Attempt to re-register firm being halted; firm claims minor admin error and late accounts filing responsible for original action

NORTON SEEMS to have moved quickly following the action taken by Companies House to de-register the firm. The original action was dated March 5 2019 on the Companies House website, and today, March 9 2019, a notice has been posted that the action has been discontinued.

In several social media postings, the firm and its CEO, Stuart Garner, claimed the original action was down to an administration error and late filing of its accounts. "To clear this one up guys. As the informed posts are saying here, it is simply late filing notice. Chill, we are going nowhere," the firm said on the Visordown Facebook page.

Currently, the Companies House website still shows the firm's accounts as overdue: they were due on December 31 2018. The firm's information is available here.

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Not surprised there are queries around Norton Motorcycles; seem to spend a lot of money on development and marketing, TT bikes etc. the carpark of their (council owned) head office is filled with supercars, and yet Norton appear to have no real source of income. Certainly the likely profit from the number of bikes they've sold wouldn't support the operation. I guess the recent fees/royalties from the 650 engine for China might help, but the figures surrounding Norton haven't added up for years. It might be worth speaking with a few suppliers and ex-suppliers to see if Norton pay bills as slowly as they produce accounts.

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