Versus: Honda PCX125 vs Honda PS125i

Two popular 125cc Honda scooters similar in purpose, specification and price. Which should you buy?

WE don't know why the Big H wants to take on itself in the 125 commuter scooter market but we're happy to adjudicate.

Reasons to buy Honda PCX125

Reasons to buy Honda PS125i

  • It's got idle stop technology to reduce fuel consumption - expect up to 130mpg
  • Flat foot-boards mean it's better for storing bags.
  • At £2,600, it's priced competitively and £250 cheaper than the PS125i
  • The under-seat compartment is roomier than the PCX125's.
  • 14" wheels aid stability over uneven terrain
  • It produces a claimed 13.5hp and is nippier around town than the PCX.
  • The seat height is 39mm lower than the PS125i, making it potentially more novice-friendly
  • Although it's 'just' a commuter-style scooter, it feels quite sporty
  • Weather protection is better than on the PS.
  • Styling is modern and distinctively Honda

      Price: £2,600
      Capacity: 124.9cc
      Power: 11.17hp
      Dry weight: 124.4kg 
      Seat height: 761mm

      Price: £2,850
      Capacity: 125cc
      Power: 13.5hp
      Wet weight: 135kg 
      Seat height: 800mm

Our choice: PS125i

On a practical level the PS125i fares very well. It’s got loads of storage space beneath the seat, plus the flat foot-boards mean you can hang a bag in between your knees. It’s got a powerful engine too. It may only be a 125 but you can still have some fun and easily cruise on faster roads. The PCX may have idle-stop technology but it's difficult to get really excited about fuel economy. Isn't it? Neither of these scooters will exactly guzzle petrol. For the extra performance and luggage space, we say the PS125i is worth the additional £250.