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Supertramps - Honda Blackbird, Ducati Multistrada, Aprilia SXV550 used test

There’s a heatwave on out there and you’ve got £4000 to spend on a new bike for summer, but should you go for something refined, something Italian or something plain nuts? Let’s shop...

Picking a brand new bike is easy – either you can afford it or you can’t. That detail sorted, then it’s a simple case of matching your requirements to this year’s shiny new offerings and skipping along to your nearest dealer. When it comes to buying a used bike, though, the thought process becomes a lot harder to navigate.

You have the chance of tailoring your option perfectly to the kind of riding you do. For most of us there are three categories to consider, the first being the ‘riding in comfort’ option. For this purpose we’ve chosen Honda’s fantastic Blackbird. Remaining relatively unchanged for its 10-year lifecycle, for some the Blackbird is the ideal bike.

The middle ground is a bike that covers as many bases as possible; looks, character, fun and functionality. The Ducati Multistrada is our choice, and it should be on your list too.

Lastly we’ve picked a raging monster of a bike that you might think you want but should think long and hard over before buying. Aprilia’s fruity SXV550 has dropped below £4000 and could be the perfect bike for you. If you’re mental.

Enjoy the test – it might have been a cheap day out but we had a top time riding all of these.

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