Niall's Spin: Honda Pan European ST1100 (2001-02)

Hundreds of coppers and thousands of Pan Clan members can't be wrong about the long-standing Honda tourer, Niall adds his praise

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This is quite simply a genius piece of motorcycling. The Pan is a modern classic and ages incredibly well thanks to good old fashioned build quality and seasoned owners who prefer not to skimp on maintenance.
The Pan may not be the best looking motorcycle but beneath an exterior packing all the excitement of a day in Ikea lies a bike capable of more tricks than a Bangkok ladyboy. It'll munch continents, commute on autopilot, take passengers at the drop of a hat and can even dance down backroads far better than anything this large has a right to.

Then there's the great fact that since Honda released it's all-singing, all-dancing 200cc larger Pan European three years ago the older 1100cc bike just got even cheaper. Frankly, it's all looking rather rosy in Pan land.
You could of course always moan about the screen that's a touch too low or perhaps the clocks which are plain and dated, or maybe you could have a pop at the brakes which could do with a touch more bite. But after this there's precious little for those who enjoy a good moan to take a swing at because the Pan is one of the most capable bikes on the planet.

Add a better screen and heated grips and you're left with a bike even more versatile than BMW's now ubiquitous R1150GS, which also comes without the added discomfort of lumping you in with every other metropolitan Long Way Round wannabe who is in fact going no further than Notting hill for a latte.

In all, a legendary bike for the discerning customer who needs something more than a weekend plaything and a sublime, low maintenance distance package. Check the swing arm thoroughly for rust - it'll cost about £400 to replace if the rot's set in. That's all.

Key ID: toothed wheel on brake discs indicate ABS/traction control model
Walk away: from ex-courier bikes

Honda Pan European ST1100 Specifications

Engine 1,084cm, Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve, 90° V-4
Top speed 134mph
Power  100bhp @ 8,500 rpm
Torque 79ft/lbs @ 6,000 rpm
Bore x stroke 73 x 64.8mm
Compression ratio 10.0:1
Front suspension 43mm air-assist fork with TRAC
Rear suspension Conventional damper with adjustable preload and rebound
Front brakes 2x 296mm discs with ABS
Rear brake Single 296mm disc with ABS
Dry weight 297kg
Seat height 800mm
Fuel capacity 28 litres