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FZ6 Fazer & FZS600 Fazer Buyer Guide p2

The ultimate buying guide to the Fazer 600 written by the people who actually own the bike...

The nuts & bolts


  • Five favourite tyres

Percentage of owners who thought those tyres were the best choice.

1 Bridgestone BT-021 20%
2 Michelin Pilot Road II 15%
=3 Bridgestone BT-020 12%
=3 Avon Storm ST 12%
5 Mezteler Z6 Roadtec 5%
The top choice, BT-021s, are Bridgestone’s latest sports touring tyre and an excellent choice for the bike. Pilot Road IIs are Michelin’s equivalent and arguably even better but more pricy as well. BT-020s are the 021’s predecessor and are effectively old stock now but still good. Avon Storms are excellent and competitively priced and Z6s another good, up to date sports touring tyre. There’s no point in fitting anything sportier as modern sports touring rubber’s got more grip than the bike has ground clearance.

Average front tyre life is 7,364 with a maximum of 20,000 miles and a minimum of 3,000. Rear average life is 6,287 miles with a maximum of 20,000 and minimum 2,500. The newer FZ6 models have a wider 180 section rear and average life from our much smaller sample of these bikes is 8,416 miles front and 6,416 rear.

Running costs and consumables
Considering the 140mph performance it’s a cheap bike to run. Average fuel consumption in our survey for FZS models is exactly 50mpg with a maximum of 65 and minimum of 30. The injected FZ6 series bikes aren’t quite so good averaging 48mpg with a highest reported figure of 55 and lowest 38. Chains and sprockets last well as it’s a fairly light bike with a smooth delivery – and quite a few people fit Scottoilers.

The average in our survey for FZS models was 18,740 with a maximum of 35,000 (with a Scottoiler) and a minimum of just 5,000 miles. There’s not enough information on FZ6s to give an accurate picture but expect around the same.

Servicing’s every 4,000 miles (average price £114) on FZSs with a larger one due at 8,000 miles (average price £148). From 2001 onwards these intervals were extended to 6,000 and 12,000 miles not due to engine changes but Yamaha’s increased confidence in their product. The biggy with valve clearances is only due every 24,000 miles (average price £280). The FZ6 also needs servicing every 6,000 miles although valves are also due at 24,000. Prices are a little higher than for the FZS mainly as owners are more likely to use main dealers.

EBC are the most common replacement brake pads and pretty much everyone’s pleased with them. OE are next followed by Carbone Lorraine.

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Owner Case Study: "I’ve done almost 200,000 miles on FZS600 Fazers."

Alastair Lang has owned four FZS600 Fazers. His current one has 108,000 miles on the clock, of which he did 104,000.

“They’re fantastic bikes, brilliant all rounders. My current one is a 2002 model and I’d consider replacing it because the mileage is getting high. I’d go for another 2002 or ’03. The later ones lacked midrange power and underseat storage and the earlier ones had rubbish headlights.

“My current Fazer’s had no major problems although the front sprocket did come off several times. At 80,000 miles I took it to the dealer and they stripped the engine and replaced the output shaft for free although it was out of warranty and I’d done all the servicing myself. They told me other than that the engine was in excellent condition with no signs of wear. I only change the oil every 12,000 miles rather than the 6,000 the manual suggests as it’s cold stars which wear the engine and I don’t do many in comparison to overall mileage.

“I commute about 1,000 miles a week on the bike and it lives outside. The finish doesn’t seem quite as good as Hondas but the only part which has failed through corrosion was the original downpipes. I replaced them with Delkevic stainless ones but they were about 1” too short for the standard end can so I ended up sealing them with JB Weld..”

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