Buyer's Guide: BMW R1200GS

It's the poster boy for adventure bikes. But what's it like to buy used and live with?


I really lost confidence in my 2006 Adv. over the course of 6 years and 30,000 miles (I purchased the bike brand new), it had;
Leak between engine and gear box
Fuel tank sensor failure
Rear shock failed at 15000 miles
Key recognition failure twice, one of which left me stranded in France
9 headlamp bulbs (hardly a biggie, but so many!)
failed gear position indicator
corroded engine timing cover

Going by forum activity, none of these was exclusive to me and the bike didn't have a particularly hard life. I was considered to be lucky as i didn't have a fuel pump problem!
I had imagined the when i paid over (£10k in 2006) I'd have trouble free biking for a decade, but was truely shocked by the scope and frequency of the issues. Speak to a BMW mechanic for his take. As a second hand purchase, they carry alot of risk.

The bike was OK on fuel (47 mpg) and tyres, but it's hard to recommend. I've 'traded down' to an SV650S and in all honesty, find the on-road performance better and alot more fun for everything short of large load-carrying. Smaller, simpler and every bit as fast.

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