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Buyer Guide: Triumph T595 & 955i Daytona

All the nitty gritty on Triumph’s only big sports bike from people who actually own the bike...

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Also ran. Close but no cigar. Pretender to the throne. Harsh terms to label a bike with but you could say all of them applied to Triumph’s attempt to build a litre class sports bike. Judge the bike by its lap times and you’d have to agree; the T595 and later 955i Daytonas models never matched the Japanese competition.

But the big Triumph does have two real aces. The first is personality. And that counts for an awful lot, much more to most of us than shaving fractions of seconds off lap times. And this brawny Brit’s loaded with it. In the Daytona’s case much of it comes from the Triumph three cylinder engine’s rough charm. The second ace is it’s a bike which works better on real roads than it does on a racetrack. It’s slightly more stable and easy to use than the Japanese competition.

There’s more. Most people find it comfier than sports bikes, especially in its second incarnation from mid 2001 onwards. It’s a bike made with the British weather in mind too. That means even older examples polish up well while some rivals can look quite tatty after a few years use.

Owners point out that these advantages more than outweigh the fact the big Daytona’s behind the competition in terms of track lap times, especially as most riders don’t have the skills to exploit rival bikes’ extra ability anyway.

The Daytona’s got one final ace: price. It’s much cheaper than bikes like the R1 or Fireblade on the used market and that counts for a lot.

51 owners took the time to fill in our on-line survey. 30 owned the pre-2001 bike and 21 the significantly updated 2001 onwards machine. They’ve covered about half a million miles on these machines so forget the internet rumours and assorted bullshit and believe what you read here. If you want to know about the 955 Triumph, here’s the place.

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Triumph Daytona Specifications

1997 Triumph Daytona T595 Specs

Engine 12v, injected, triple Power 129bhp Torque 66ftlb Dry weight 193kg Seat Height 800mm Fuel capacity 18 litres Top speed 160mph

1998 Triumph Daytona 955i Specs

Engine 12v, injected, triple Power 129bhp Torque 74ftlb Dry weight 192kg Seat Height 800mm Fuel capacity 18 litres Top speed 160mph

2001 Triumph Daytona 955i Specs

Engine 12v, injected triple Power 147bhp Torque 74ftlb Dry weight 188kg Seat Height 815mm Fuel capacity 21 litres Top speed 165mph

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