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Buyer Guide: Triumph Speed Triple

The ultimate buyers guide to the Triumph Speed Triple written by the people who actually own the bike…

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Streetfighter. Now there’s a funny name for a class of motorbike. Most groups of bike have a name related to what they do. Tourers, sports-tourers, sports bikes, adventure sport bikes; they’re all pretty obvious. But ‘streetfighters’ do not fight in the streets. Originally they were crash damaged sports bikes put back on the road with high bars and minimal bodywork so they are born of violent events on the road. They are all about an in-yer-face attitude. The bold, upright riding position is normally backed up with a loud pipe and the right riding gear, typically a Simpson lid.

Regardless of where the name comes from Triumph was the first company to make a factory streetfighter. And their current range – the smaller Street Triple and larger Speed Triple - are the best bikes in their classes.
We haven’t included the earliest Speed Triples in this article because they’re so rare. We heard recently the original single headlight model is actually appreciating in value now with high demand for clean bikes in Japan.

This guide focuses on the tubular aluminium frame, twin headlight models sold from 1997 onwards. They’re still pretty true to the original streetfighter mix – a sports bike minus bodywork with high bars fitted. They’re rapid machines until the point when the wind blast becomes a pain, they’re pretty comfy for distances, they stop go and handle almost as well as sports bikes (only weight distribution and lesser ground clearance hold them back) and they’re the most fun bikes to ride on the road, bar none.

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Triumph Speed Triple Specifications

1994 Triumph Speed Triple

Engine L/C, 12V, in-line three, 885cc Power 96bhp @ 9,000rpm Torque 59ft/lb @ 6,750rpm
Dry weight 209kg Seat height 790mm Fuel capacity 25 litres Top speed 140mph

1997 Triumph Speed Triple T509

Engine L/C, 12V, in-line three, 885cc Power 96bhp @ 8,800rpm Torque 56ft/lb @ 6,700rpm
Dry weight 198kg Seat height 815mm Fuel capacity 18 Litres Top speed 145mph

2005 Triumph Speed Triple 1050

Engine L/C, 12V, in-line three, 1050cc Power 127BHP @ 9,100RPM Torque 78ft/lb @ 5,100RPM
Dry weight 189kg Seat height 815mm Fuel capacity 18 Litres Top speed 155mph

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