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Buyer Guide: Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa

The ultimate buyers guide to Suzuki’s warpship Hayabusa, written by the people who own the bike...

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Nothing looks like a Hayabusa and not much goes like one either. Those wierd, bulbous looks come from wind tunnel testing with a rider on board and hint what this bike’s all about: speed.

The original Hayabusa was the fastest, most powerful bike you could buy when it was released. The new 2008 model regains the power crown.

While rivals may come close on peak power, what sets the Busa apart is its colossal midrange.  Most competitors like the ZZR1400, ZX-12R and Blackbird need a few revs on the clock before they really hitch their skirts up and get a wiggle on. Not the Busa. Even with just 3,000rpm on the tacho it’s kicking arse and taking heads. This makes it devastatingly quick even when the rider’s relaxed and not trying. Want to overtake? You already have. Go further round the rev counter and things get even better culminating in an insane rush for the red line.

So it’s ridiculously fast. But incredibly, it’s also a very useable, practical bike too. It’ll commute, run errands, tour and even scratch although it’s a fraction on the porky side to mix it with well ridden sportsbikes on track days. What’s more it’s reliable and not too expensive to run – although insurance isn’t cheap and you’ll get through tyres.

It’s much loved by the drag racing crowd but it’s also popular in the hip-hop world where Busas get lavished with shiny custom parts, outrageous paint jobs, tuning and a whole lot of ass belonging to some fine Caribbean queens – but bear in mind that image works better in California than Croydon.

The bikes hold their value well on the used market and most don’t get abused as owners tend to be a little older and more sensible than sporty 600s.

With the new for 2008 K8 model appearing on the used market, prices of the original bike have dropped a little recently and you can get a tidy one for around £3,000. Never has so much been available to so many for so little.

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Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa Specifications

1999 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa

Engine l/c, 16v, injected inline four, 1,298cc Power 175bhp @ 9,800rpm Torque 99ftlb @ 7,000rpm
Dry weight 215kg Seat height 805mm Fuel capacity 21 litres Top speed 186mph (restricted)

2007 Suzuki GSX1300R K8 Hayabusa

Engine l/c, 16v, injected inline four, 1,340cc Power 194bhp @ 9,500rpm Torque 115ftlb @ 7,200rpm
Dry weight 220kg Seat height 805mm Fuel capacity 21 litres Top speed 186mph (restricted)

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