Yamaha TMAX long-term test week three: better than a motorcycle

Yamaha TMAX long-term test week three: better than a motorcycle

Well, almost


The TMAX does everything. I've already ridden it all over the country, from Staffordshire to Devon to Wales, as well as using it for my 60-mile commute into London.

I quickly overshot the 600-mile first service interval and had to park it until my local dealer On The Wheel could fit it in a few days later. When I got back on it I'd forgotten how much fun it was.

It's a commuter/tourer/do-whatever-you-wanter, and it does it all so competently, easily and helpfully, with no gears to change and all that space under the seat, that it's impossible not to enjoy.

It's not the first time I've had a big scooter as a long-termer. In fact it's the third.

The last time, a reader asked if I would buy one with my own money, given the near-£10k price. I've come to the conclusion I could definitely justify doing so. As a transport solution, they are better than motorcycles. There. I said it.


Getting on it early in the morning or at the end of a long day, knowing it will make life a bit easier.


When I rode it to Wales, I had to get off it and get on a motorcycle I was testing. The transition emphasised how, for some reason, whether it's the foot-boards, small wheels or chassis - or all three - a scooter never quite gives you the same sense of control and connection as a bike does.

So I'd probably buy one as well as a motorcycle, not necessarily instead.

Model tested: Yamaha TMAX

Price: £9,599

Engine: 530cc liquid-cooled DOHC parallel twin

Power: 45hp at 6,750rpm

Torque: 39lbft at 5,250rpm

Wet weight: 213kg

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