Triumph's 2011 Speed Triple dash explained

You spend most of your time looking at it so I thought it worth a mention

Triumph's 2011 Speed Triple dash explained
Engine Capacity

Triumph's 2011 Speed Triple clock arrangement has some new and pretty useful additions for 2011. The new more detailed digital fuel gauge has proven to be really useful with no less than 12 bars on the levels indicator plus the addition of a 'mileage range on the tank' readout - I seem to be getting about 145 miles per tank, which at the moment costs about £20.

You also get miles per gallon, total distance travelled and two trip settings. Also new for 2011 is the lap timer, I haven’t figured out how it works yet but it's ready for when I take the bike on track next month. From fiddling I can tell you that it will count around 20 or more laps and recall all the information when you’re back in the pits, all by a press of a button.

The gear shift light is a progressive series of six neon blue lights, how and when they light up can be programmed by you. When you hit the designated amount of revs and all the lights are lit, it'll then flash rapidly telling you to change gear.

Aside from all the usual lights you also get a clock, and an ABS warning light. On the ABS model when the bike is started a warning light flashes until you are on the move letting you know it is functioning properly.

Whilst on the subject of ABS all I can say is it’s bob on. On the odd occasion I’ve had to brake really hard and it has been wet, the ABS has come on and, well it's stopped the bike. I can't tell you as yet how much of a difference it has made over me pumping the brakes but every little helps ay? I can tell you that as you tip into a bend, if you’re trailing the front brake and you tap the rear the back end will come out in a skillful looking 'backing in fashion' all totally under control, nice if you like that sort of thing...

I'll run a back-to-back test soon with the ABS and non-ABS model to see just how good the system is.

Aside from the clocks, I've added some official Triumph Street fighter mirrors. £70 aside, top quality and vibration free they are practical and help the bike squeeze through tighter, than previously allowed, gaps whilst on the London commute.

Triumph's 2011 Speed Triple dash explained

Triumph's 2011 Speed Triple dash explained

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