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Triumph Thruxton R vs BMW R nineT video review

BMW's R nineT raised the bar for heritage motorcycles and two years later Triumph has finally answered, with the 2016 Thruxton R. Watch our review of the two kings of the retro class.

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snave's picture

Which is best..? Only two machines.

`Better`, old boy.

We have an English language for a reason.

While we're all having a good whinge about the site being suddenly very very shit, I though I should moan that there's a static picture above the video when I suspect it should not be displayed if the Youtube embed is working fine.

I have a feeling there are some contractual wrangles and angry meetings going on behind the scenes that we can't see to do with delivery, fuckups, and money, because any internet site I can remember for the last 10 years sorts this shit out usually within hours of someone putting it live but the site's continued shitness without remorse leads me to think that someone's refusing to do the work and someone's refusing to pay.

BubbaDaytona's picture

I test rode both. The Triumph is just better, in every way. As for the whining of Triumph plastic versus BMW aluminum -talk to us in 5 years when the bimmer gets all dinged, white and furry. There are very good reasons to use plastics.

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